Return of the Sith (Taker)  X -Wing event

Return of the Sith (Taker) X -Wing event

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Elysium Wargames X wing kick start 2023!
Sunday 8 January
5 Round - No cut
Participation prizes, and spot prizes, as well as for the winner
Rounds 1 - 4 will play the 4 available scenarios, and round 5 will be a 2nd go at Chance Encounter
Standard 20 point event.

Can't wait to host you  in and kick start X wing for us in the new year.


Venue and Tables 


If you have never been to Elysium, then you're in for a treat. Our Amazing Wall art makes you feel like you're in a gaming store. We are a store all about wargaming and have amazing terrain tables and even a streaming room. 














All tables will be the right size and played on mats and Lord of the rings themed


There is a massive car park just behind the building about 30 seconds from the front door of the store. It cost £4 for the full day. and is free on sunday 


Public transport there is a train station approx 2 min walk from the store (pontefract tanshelf) and another 15mins Way walking (pontefract monkhill) it's in a town center so any bus going to pontefract will get you there