Marvel Crisis Protocol 1 day event 26th june

Marvel Crisis Protocol 1 day event 26th june

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What is it?

Singles 4 round event regardless of player numbers



Arrival 9.15am-9.30am 

Round 1  9.45am-11.45am

Break 11.45am-12.00Pm

Round 2 12:00pm-14:00pm

Lunch break 14:00pm-15:00pm

Round 3 15:00pm-17:00pm

Round 4 17:00pm-19:00pm

Finish 19:30


Where is it?

Elysium wargames, wf8 1da pontefract Wakefield West Yorkshire. 


When is it?

26th June


How much is it?

Tickets are £30 a player  and don't include lunch. (But on the Sunday the pub next door does food and we will be going there during the break, and we are also located in a town center so lots of other places for food) 


Venue and Tables 


If you have never been to Elysium, then you're in for a treat. Our Amazing Wall art makes you feel like you're in a gaming store. We are a store all about wargaming and have amazing terrain tables and even a streaming room. 






All tables will be the right size and played on mats and Lord of the rings themed

There is a massive car park just behind the building about 30 seconds from the front door of the store. It cost £4 for the full day.


Public transport there is a train station approx 2 min walk from the store (pontefract tanshelf) and another 15mins Way walking (pontefract monkhill) it's in a town center so any bus going to pontefract will get you there


Championship event?

Each player that gets 3 wins will be invited to the championship finals held later this year at elysium.




Tickets are on sale now


Due to upfront costs £5 of all tickets will non refundable and no ticket can be refunded after the 1st of may but can be sold to another person 


The event has space for 24 players


What you need for the day 


all the cards you need to play 

Your roaster of models 

Books dice rules and pen and paper glue tray. 

3D printed, proxy, conversion and painting 


3d printed army's are allowed but must be cohesive and match the theme of your army.

Same goes for proxy and conversion if Los is an issue we use the "common sense says" rule. 


If you are using anything that might be an issue please email us first before coming 




Gaming Awards

  • First place
  • best 3/1 wins
  • best 2/2 wins
  • best 1/3 wins

Painting Awards 

  • Best painted players voted


Sports Awards

  • Most sporting player